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Welcome to the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Online Campaign

This Game is Dedicated to the memory of friend and former player Douglas Cherubin R.I.P.

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Attention: The following does not dictate what your personal character origins should conform to but it gives a basic framework for the state of things.

“The Blurred Gray Line” a Mutants and Masterminds Adventure.

  • The current year is 2027, current location New York City.
  • A strange energy flux funnels down into the Chrysler Building from the lower atmosphere
  • The energy flux first appeared in 2022 in the upper atmosphere as colored lights
  • Summer of 2023 a Government Agency R.E.A.C.H (Research of the Environmental Anomaly Central Headquarters) is established to begin studying the energy now within the range of ground based equipment as well as modified antenna on top of the Chrysler Building.
  • Fall of 2023 “Project Afterglow” begins and a second agency is established to take control over the media attention and public reaction to the phenomenon. The general public is placated when a 1 mile perimeter is established around the site and human contact is restricted to only science personnel. Correlation to the Mayan prophecy of 2012 are ruled as false and unrelated. Religious groups flock the city and protest the perimeter ban claiming this to be a sign from God. Dispersed and arrested they are rooted out by Spring of 2023.
  • Summer of 2024 second anomaly is reported in South Boston originating from a small fissure in the soil of a local projects garden. The energy turns into large scale funnel moving counter clockwise the opposite of the New York funnels direction. The neighborhood for a mile is evacuated. R.E.A.C.H establishes security protocols using perimeter WiFi based energy fields and curtails the influx of religious groups to the site.
  • Fall of 2024, Scientist Ethan Snow begins first testing of energy effects upon human subject. Daniel Bower, a serial killer serving life on death row is given the option to become lab property and accepts. The testing eventually kills the subject as the mix of energies harnessed from by New York and Boston anomalies prove fatal.
  • Winter of 2024, first human with “elevated abilities” becomes public knowledge when an individual in a local bank freezes 16 people as well as most of the building in place. Thomas King a twenty year old man is found responsible and met with lethal force by R.E.A.C.H shock troops and techno-police and the live city feed captures the entire event. King’s last words “The lights gave me this, the lights chose me” causes a public backlash of paranoia, confusion and fear. Rioting in pockets breaks out and it takes the local police and Natural Guard in part to quell it.
  • The year of 2025 sees the increased authority of R.E.A.C.H within both cities, other people emerge with “new abilities” and those who come forward and demonstrate them are quickly quarantined. City feed alerts and APB’s urge anyone with “powers” to come forward and that harboring a known person with abilities is a felony. The public becoming uneasy turns their trust to R.E.A.C.H and local white collar business and corporations instituted policies to cooperate with the government agencies. The corpse of Thomas King leads to the invention of a device that tracks energy signature changes in effected persons. It’s limited range of several feet is ported into a smaller format and all R.E.A.C.H enforcers begin carrying them. Martial Law on a lower level is instituted in both cities and sector checkpoints are created to track incoming people from other states or countries. Airport scanners are retrofitted with the energy sniffers as are toll booths and bridges. Both New York and Boston enter a lock down status lasting two weeks allowing only supplies to enter.
  • Fall of 2206 the first signs of “energy enhanced individuals” appears in Boston and closer study of them demonstrates that during the daytime their powers are inactive. The phenomenon is traced back to the energy perversion in the atmosphere and its interaction with the solar rays as well as the visible light spectrum. This quickly leads R.E.A.C.H to seal Boston’s sector points but they are unaware that a small group of about five people have already left for New York. These five posses powers that will later be revealed to be at least three times the concentrated energy level of those seen before. Their led by a man named Victor Forrester, his ability to puppet other people against their will and with no memory of the violation afterward gives the group free reign and easy access into New York, they establish an abandoned warehouse as their headquarters and began planning to recruit other “energy enhanced individuals” creating an army to fully take over the city and to cripple R.E.A.C.H’s defenses.
  • Spring of 2026 they begin the two week campaign later referred to as “The Incident” and over thirty members of their group attack key locations, crippling utilities and taking control over sector points using R.E.A.C.H’s own agents as puppeted attackers. Those individuals who were first to admit powers to R.E.A.C.H had become part of their security force, roughly twenty or so were sent to counter-attack the group. They were easily repelled and two killed before Doctor Ethan Snow arrived on scene and using energy collected from Boston’s funnel stored into polarized cells that were retrofitted to grenade type projectiles, once activated they emitted a energy and ultra violet field that visibly weakened Forrester’s group as well as himself. Using his remaining control over his puppeted band of R.E.A.C.H enforcers he made them act as human shields but he was overcome by the super force that were sent to stop him and captured. His current location as well as those involved in his group is classified. These type of grenades are nicknamed “Glow Bombs”
  • Early 2027 begins with a silence after the events of the previous Spring. People begin to question the ability of R.E.A.C.H to keep them safe from those individuals who clearly will abuse their powers or even those who might be so powerful that they can’t be easily stopped by the current security. R.E.A.C.H decides its time to implement project “Honor Roll” This encourages those with abilities and moral views of them to help police those of lesser morality. Taking the traditional hero who does good for goods sake and making him a watchdog on the payroll is seen by some energy enhanced individuals as “selling out” they slowly form a underground network that uses Craigslist to communicate. The Unseen establishes its presence to the city of New York but its members or its headquarters remain secret. People with powers begin to patrol with R.E.A.C.H security and a few become highly sought after for their talents. Crime is not stopped however but it thinks twice about public displays.
  • Spring of 2027 the level of martial law and security within both cities is doubled and a new energy sniffer is developed as is new types of energy weapons, pistols and new types of heat tracking grenades as well as capture droids which have the ability to hover as well as project messages via holographic methods. Technology becomes more oppressiveness and the citizens more complacent with their protest of these new developments as control by R.E.A.C.H, local police and even the FBI are pushed out of the loop and given no clearance to interfere in the new agencies affairs. Doctor Ethan Snow establishes first contact with the New York Funnel via small low spectrum sound bursts, something is indeed trying to communicate.

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